Our strongest leaders support the eleven pillars, including our thought leaders, educators, politicians, lawyers, judges, law enforcement community, business leaders, community activists, civic organizations, faith leaders, psychologists, human resource professionals, information technology experts, real estate professionals, nutritionists, health care providers, medical doctors, fitness experts, insurance professionals, financial advisors, wealth managers,... (collectively) every African American may contribute. We work with our strategic partners to coordinate activities in each pillar and provide status updates on our progress. Over the next ten years, we will solve our issues and build a stronger foundation upon the eleven pillars.

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1. Education and Learning Communities
2. Entrepreneurship and Business Management
3. Family and Interpersonal Relationships
4. Faith, Religion, and Religious Freedom
5. Finance and Wealth Management
6. Health and Wellness
7. Jobs and Careers
8. Leadership and Mentorship
9. Politics and Civic Engagement
10. Technology
11. (U.S. / World) Justice